Acid Wash

Acid Washes

VIP Pool Service & Repair offers professional acid wash services for swimming pools in the Las Vegas, NV area. If your pool is looking like a swamp, has a stained surface, or you just want a clean, fresh appearance, a professional pool acid washing procedure is the solution.

Professional Pool Acid Washes

Although acid wash chemicals can be found at your local pool store, acid is a dangerous substance. We recommended and provide professional acid washes for your swimming pool. Without the proper training and experience, acid washing a pool can end up causing harm to yourself and to the surface of your pool.

Questions About This Service

Clear Pool WaterTypically during an acid wash the pool is drained. When this is not possible or preferred, there is also the option of a pool acid wash without draining. We can help you decide which pool acid wash method is best for you. Other common acid wash concerns include:

  • What Is A Pool Acid Wash?
  • Benefits Of Acid Washes?
  • When Do I Need An Acid Wash?
  • How Often Should I Get An Acid Wash?

Acid washing is the use of chemicals to remove the outer layer of plaster, removing stains caused by algae and hard water build up. Acid washes will leave your pool clean and clear. After algae buildup, spores can bury deep into the porous surface of your plaster and quickly re-bloom. An acid wash removes the outer layer of plaster, removing the spores and resulting and a new, clean looking surface.

We recommend a professional acid washing when your pool starts looking murky, there is algae buildup or unsightly stains in the plaster of your pool. We recommend an acid wash about every five to seven years. Too much acid washing or a “do it yourself” acid washing runs the risk of damaging the plaster of your pool.

Clear Up Your Murky Pool

If you have a murky, swampy pool, algae build-up, or a stained surface, a pool acid washing service is an ideal solution for a crystal clear swimming pool. Call VIP Pool Service & Repair today for your professional pool acid wash service in Las Vegas.