Pool Algae Treatment

Algae Treatment Las Vegas

VIP Pool Service & Repair provides professional algae removal treatments for both salt water and chlorine system pools in the Las Vegas, NV area. How many times have you been ready to finally swim in the cool, clear water of your swimming pool only to find it looking murky and dirty. Let us restore the sparkle and fun to your yard today.

Green Pool Causes

When chlorine levels drop it can cause algae to grow resulting in a green pool. This can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and potentially expose you and your guests to diseases such as West Nile. Green pools not only look unappealing but are also considered a pubic health hazard and should be treated immediately. Pools with algae overgrowth can be a host for pathogens. Getting the good clean fun back into your pool is only a phone call away.

Algae Treatment And Removal

At VIP Pool Service & Repair, we can treat your Las Vegas pool for many common kinds of algae. Some of these include:

  • Algae Blooms & Spores
  • Black Algae
  • Pink Algae
  • Mustard Or Yellow Algae
  • Green Algae

Algae spores will always be present in even the most well-maintained pool. They are constantly being brought in from rain, wind, and dirt. What is important is keeping the spores from turning into algae blooms. Algae blooms are what causes that unsightly green color. They pose a health risk to you and your family. Should this happen to you it is important you seek professional algae treatment for your pool as soon as possible.

Types Of Pool Algae

Black algae typically affect plaster pools and can be very difficult to remove. It appears as black patches or spots or circular patterns. Black algae in pools should be treated right away as it can harbor harmful organisms such as E. Coli. Pink algae also referred to as “pink slime” is actually not an algae but a bacterial problem. Although pink algae itself is not harmful to humans, it is slimy, can cause slippery surfaces, and is unsightly in pools.

Mustard or yellow algae is a more rare type of algae. It resembles sand or dirt at the bottom of your pool. Yellow algae can be difficult to treat due to its resistance to chlorine. We recommend a professional algae treatment for removal. Green algae is the most common type of algae and the one responsible for turning your pool green. Whether it’s black, green, pink or yellow, we can treat your conventional or salt water swimming pool for unwanted algae.

Algae Treatment For Las Vegas Pools

Algae buildup and green pools not only result in an unattractive pool to swim in but can also be hazardous to your health. For a professional pool algae treatment today contact VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas, NV.