Chlorine Baths

Chlorine Bath Las Vegas

Call VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas to schedule a chlorine bath for your pool today. Owning a consistently beautiful pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance, including chlorine baths from time to time. Algae can build up on the plaster and tile of your pool can damage your pool and throw off the chemical balance turning your pool green and swampy overnight. Why should you do all of the hard work or settle for less than professional service when our highly trained technicians are just a call away?

Why A Chlorine Bath?

Chlorine Bath Las VegasDeep cleaning plaster and tile can be difficult and involves using harsh chemicals. Similar to an acid wash, a chlorine bath can be highly effective in handling problem pools or with pools with algae issues with returning greenness – sometimes all that is needed is a fresh start with a deep scrub, professional chlorine bath, and new fresh water.

Our professional technicians are highly trained in how to get your pool sparkling again using chlorine baths. You don’t need to break a sweat scraping and scrubbing or play guessing games to figure out the best chemicals to use in the right amounts. Best of all, your pool will get the professional deep cleaning it needs with no damage to your tile or plaster.

Benefits Of Chlorine Baths

See amazingly clean results from a professional chlorine bath pool treatment today. The first step is to drain the pool and remove old water. Once we have full access to the sides. steps, ledges, and bottom of the pool, we are able to apply our treatment that will lift stains and clean the surfaces of your swimming pool. Once we have the old water out, we apply our cleaning solution and scrub away. Chlorine baths can be used for tile, plaster, vinyl, fiberglass and pebble tech pools. Here are some of the common issues chlorine baths correct:

  • Green Algae, Black Algae, & Mustard Algae Issues
  • Green Pool Treatment (Green To Clean)
  • Embedded Dirt Build Up
  • New Pool Owners & Foreclosures (Deep Clean / Germ Killing)
  • Cleaning Pools That Have Been Empty
  • Issues With Vinyl Pools (Can’t Do An Acid Wash)

Get Rid Of Algae ASAP

Algae can build up when your pool has been improperly maintained for a period or when the pH balance is off. Algae can cause staining and permanent damage. Unsightly algae build up can become a longer lasting recurring nightmare when it’s embedded into the hard to clean places, tiny cracks, filtration system, and porous surfaces and never fully removed.  Once this happens and the pool is still full of water, it can be a struggle to restore the balance and fully deep clean the pool to remove all spores.Algae can completely wreck the entire pool and kill your swimming season. Let us take a look at your pool to see if you could benefit from a chlorine bath. Enjoy the many benefits of a professional pool chlorine bath and get a sparkling clean swimming pool, hot tub or spa today.

What’s The Cost For A Chlorine Bath?

In most cases, the cost for a residential chlorine bath treatment will be $500. Our cost varies by the size of the pool and the scope of work. Are we cleaning a larger pool and a spa? How large are we talking? The size, amount of work and product volume we need to use are all factors that affect a quoted price. We are happy to answer questions, ask our questions, and provide a free phone estimate price range. Just give us a call and we will schedule a time to come out and look at your pool to give an accurate quote.

Your Pool, Your Schedule

Call VIP Pool Service & Repair for regularly scheduled weekly cleaning and repair service as well. Have a barbeque or pool party coming up? Our technicians are also available for one-time cleaning and repairs. Manage apartments or a public pool? We service both residential and commercial pools.

Pool Chlorine Baths In Las Vegas

Your pool has never sparkled as it will after a professional chlorine bath service by experienced highly trained staff. Save yourself all the work and hassle today by giving VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas a call.