Equipment Replacement

Equipment Replacement

VIP Pool Service & Repair in the Las Vegas area is the absolute best choice when it comes to pool equipment replacement. With the extreme summertime temperatures, you know that having a working pool can be a necessity. Particularly¬†in the Las Vegas area, all you want on those brutal summer days is to spend some time cooling off in a crystal clear pool. Having working equipment is crucial to that, and that’s where our incredible team comes in. We can replace anything from a small part to your entire swimming pool.

Benefits Of Replacement Over Repair

  • Brand New Equipment & Parts
  • Modern Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Options / Less Energy Consumption
  • Manufacturer Warranty & Guarantee
  • Reduces Chance Of Future Repair Bills
  • Upgrade To An Automated System

Equipment Replacement

Repairing a part can fix the problem temporarily, but another part replacement may not be far behind it – especially with older equipment. Once one problem is fixed, another one of your older parts could go out. In the long run, replacing the equipment now can save you from a headache and a bigger bill later. We have pool equipment replacement units and parts for pumps, motors, heaters, filters, auto-fill systems, cleaners, timers and more.

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Once you have decided to replace your equipment, it’s time to come up with your pool equipment replacement strategy. While it’s tempting to replace it yourself, it’s a better idea to trust the professionals at VIP Pool Service & Repair. Instead of struggling in the intense Las Vegas heat, have the experienced, professional swimming pool technicians at VIP Pool Service & Repair take care of all your equipment replacement needs.

Our exceptional customer service has earned us the reputation of being the best people to call when you need your pool equipment replaced. Let us help you beat the heat by replacing your pool equipment correctly this summer!