Hard Water & Calcium Removal

Hard Water Build Up Las Vegas

VIP Pool Service & Repair is the best choice for pool hard water and calcium removal in the Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada areas. We specialize in removing calcium, hard water, and all other stains and build up to get your swimming pool looking like new. Get one-time service in time for your next special event or schedule weekly pool service to be ready for fun anytime under the sun.

Signs Of Hard Water & Calcium

While the Vegas heat makes having a pool a must, a great looking pool makes you actually want to be in it. Your pool is not only a great way to cool off, it’s also the focal point in your yard. You want to keep your pool maintained and ready to be used at all times, but sometimes you just can’t get those stains and lines to go away. Next time just give us a call and our expert technicians will remove all the hard water and calcium so you can get back to swimming.

  • Grey & White Lines Around Pool Edges
  • Calcium Carbonate & Silicate Stains
  • Tile Staining
  • White Build Up
  • Water Line Stains

No More Scraping, Scrubbing, Or Chemicals

Calcium Pool Tile RemovalHave you ever tried to tackle hard water and calcium removal by yourself? To say it’s a pain is an understatement. When you add in that intense Henderson and Las Vegas area heat, you’re looking at a few afternoons of punishment. DIY always sounds great and economical, but when you add up your elbow grease, comfort, valuable time, and the cost of supplies you have to wonder what you’re really saving by spending hours in the hot sun scrubbing and scraping.

Professional Pool Calcium & Hard Water Removal

Sit inside your air conditioned house and let our pros give your pool the VIP experience with hard water and calcium removal. VIP Pool Service & Repair has all the equipment and experience to quickly and effectively get your pool in perfect condition so it’s always ready for a pool party. Whether you’re dealing with swimming pool scale, hard water stains, waterline scale, or calcium deposits, we take care of it for you.

Get Those Tiles Sparkling Today

Whether you’re in Henderson, Las Vegas, or anywhere in Las Vegas, save yourself the headache of hard water and calcium removal by calling VIP Pool Service & Repair. We will take care all the nasty build up so you don’t have to.