Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Cleaning Las Vegas

Call VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas, NV today for all of your pool tile cleaning needs. Owning a sparkling pool provides a fun setting for guests, cool relief from our hot Las Vegas summers, and a place to play as a family. One of the hardest points of maintenance is keeping those beautiful tiles clean. Build up of algae that clings to dirty tiles and calcium build up from the hard water in Vegas can damage your pool and alter the PH balance. There’s no need to worry about it at all when our highly trained Henderson and Las Vegas area pool tile cleaning technicians are just a call away.

Make That Tile Sparkle Again

Pool Tile Cleaning CompanyWho has an entire weekend to drain your pool just to struggle with algae build up and scrubbing stains from hard to reach tile locations? Our specialists can take care of all of the hard work with ease. Best of all, in some cases we don’t need to drain your entire pool to get the job done.

Las Vegas Pool Tile Cleaning

Our staff is professionally trained to get your tile and grout cleaned properly and sparkling clean. No more algae, no more stains, and no more build up. Some of the tile cleaning services we provide include:

  • Acid Wash
  • Microbead Blasting
  • Grout Treatment & Cleaning
  • Removal of algae, stains or build-up.
  • No damage to the surface of your pool’s tiles.
  • Your pool will be brighter and cleaner.
  • We handle salt water and standard pools.
  • No hassle of having to drain and refill your pool yourself.

Tile Cleaning Las VegasWe offer weekly or monthly services in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas. We also handle one time cleanings and are available for any swimming pool emergencies you might need. Our professionally trained technicians provide quality and experience for a reasonable rate. A pool is an expensive investment, and we will help you maintain that investment.

Types Of Tile We Clean

  • Natural & Artificial Tile
  • Stone, Slate, Brick & Flagstone
  • Glass Tile & Glass Blocks
  • Waterfalls & Features
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Tile Mosaics

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Save yourself all the work and frustration of pool tile cleaning by giving VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas a call today. Our technicians will do all of the hard work, and your pool’s tile will sparkle like never before.