Salt Water Pool Service

Salt Water Pool Service Las Vegas

If you are looking for an experienced salt water pool service company in the Las Vegas area, contact us at VIP Pool Service & Repair. Salt water pools have their own unique maintenance needs. Whether you need a salt water pool cleaning, chemical balance, or repair service, we have you covered throughout¬†Henderson and Las Vegas. Don’t let someone else play guessing games with your valuable investment.

A Taste Of The Ocean

At VIP Pool Service & Repair, we can make your salt water pool experience more enjoyable by taking weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance off your hands. Some common salt water pool services we provide include:

  • pH Testing
  • Salinity Testing
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Addition Of Quality Pool Salt
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Equipment Checks And Maintenance

Owning a pool can be a pain. On a hot Vegas summer day, you want to be using your pool, not hefting bags of salt, sweating over test results and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing. Relax and enjoy the freedom of knowing your salt water pool is clean and ready for you, your family, and friends at any time.

Professional Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the salt water in your pool can bleach the pool liner. Underwater lighting and equipment can be damaged by the film of abrasive salt. Without proper testing and chemical balancing, the salt water in your pool may not produce enough chlorine to prevent algae growth without running the filter system many hours a day. These are just a few of the concerns Henderson area homeowners face with a salt water pool, and that is why we are here.

Your Las Vegas Salt Water Pool Experts

Let VIP Pool Service and Repair be your Las Vegas salt water pool service. We have the experience, training, and work ethics to do the job right the first time and every time. Contact us in Henderson to stop worrying about your pool and start enjoying it today.