Startup Pool Service

Startup Pool Service

To open your pool for Spring & Summer or startup pool service for your new Las Vegas home, contact us at VIP Pool Service & Repair. Whether you have just put in a pool, purchased a new or foreclosed home with an empty or dirty pool, or are just trying to get ready for spring or summer, we are your new service experts. Leave the work to the pros and get swimming.

Initial Pool Service

Professional swimming pool startup saves you time and money. You don’t have to waste time shopping, draining, cleaning, and troubleshooting only to end up calling us in the end because something went wrong. Some of our most popular options for beginning pool service include:

  • Pool & Equipment Inspection
  • Acid Washing
  • Water Changing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Algae Treatment

For newly installed pools, we can make sure the proper beginning care is followed to protect your investment. For neglected pools, your knowledgeable, experienced technician will make sure your pool is clean, sanitary, and that everything works. If the tile is dirty or the pump isn’t working, we know just what to do.

Spring & Summer Pool Opening

It’s time to pull back the cover and make sure everything is ready for your first barbecue of the year. Initial pool services ensure that you get a clear, clean start to swimming season. Don’t spend the first days of spring and summer dealing with algae, leaves, or cloudy water. You buy the burgers, and we’ve got the entertainment covered.

Startup Pool Service In Henderson & Las Vegas

At VIP Pool Service & Repair, we look forward to opening your residential, commercial, or public pool with startup service. We proudly serve home and business owners in both the Henderson and Las Vegas areas. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your first service.