Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

Pool Pump Repair

If you are trying to choose between swimming pool pump repair and replacement in the Las Vegas area, the experienced professionals at VIP Pool Service & Repair are here to help. We can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your current pump and help you make the best decision regarding whether to repair or replace your swimming pool pump. Don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot this essential part of your pool. We’ll get you splashing around again in no time.

Types Of Pool Pumps We Service

As technology advances, the number and types of swimming pool pumps have increased as well. You want a knowledgeable technician who knows the specifics of your particular pump and the most affordable fix when servicing it. If you decide to replace your existing swimming pool pump, your VIP Pool Service & Repair technician can help you weigh the pros and cons of the following types of pool pumps:

  • Single Speed
  • Dual Speed
  • Variable Speed
  • Specialty
  • Booster
  • Water Feature Pumps
  • Heat Pumps

Repair Vs Replace

We can accurately diagnose whether you need swimming pool pump repair or replacement. Is that loud screech or grinding sound the motor bearings? Could that humming sound mean a problem with the capacitor? Or maybe you’re dealing with pops, clicks, or silence which could mean replacing the motor entirely. We can quickly tackle repairs big or small and properly advise you if replacement is the best option.

Benefits Of Replacement

Pump housing damage, older units, and equipment requiring parts that are now obsolete or hard to find may mean you need an entirely new swimming pool pump installed. Thanks to variable speed technology and higher efficiency motors there are many advantages to replacing your existing pump. Some of these benefits include:

  • Programmable Pump Options
  • Energy Bill Savings
  • Reducing Pool Equipment Wear
  • Quieter Operation

The Las Vegas Pool Pump Pros

Don’t give algae a chance to flourish or your water chemical balance time to go haywire. A malfunctioning pump can mean costly damages to the rest of your pool and more expensive energy bills. If you’re in Las Vegas, Henderson, or the surrounding areas contact VIP Pool Service & Repair today to schedule a swimming pool pump repair and replacement assessment. We look forward to providing you with all your swimming pool equipment needs.