Weekly Pool Service

Pool Service Las Vegas

VIP Pool Service & Repair offers weekly pool service in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our customers often come to us after being frustrated by other pool cleaning companies who don’t show up on time or as scheduled or do a sub-par job overall. It takes a certain level of expertise and time to properly maintain the chemical levels of a swimming pool or spa. Often times with the cheapest cost services they just don’t have it in their budget to afford proper quality chemicals, the techs don’t stay with the company very long or miss days, or they don’t get paid enough to scrub as long as it needs to be scrubbed to keep the pool clean.

We charge a reasonable rate to properly maintain your pool for weekly service with the plan to keep you as a customer for life. Our customers are treated like VIP accounts and we take great pride in doing a quality job every time.

Preventative Maintenance

Have you been meaning to do it yourself? As the favorite Las Vegas pool cleaning company, we take the work and frustration away by taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool so you don’t have to. When we are out at your pool every week, we also check the pool equipment, filters, baskets, pipes, as well as the chemical levels.

We will notice if a valve is leaking or something is needing to be replaced soon. When we see something that can become a larger issue if left unattended, we will let you know so we can do preventive maintenance to prevent a more costly repair bill later. Not every homeowner has the time or desire to clean and maintain a pool. We’re here to help.  

Chemical Balance & Weekly Pool Service

We offer weekly Las Vegas pool service including pool cleaning and maintaining your chemicals. You know how important it is to keep the chemicals in your pool balanced. At VIP Pool Service & Repair, we offer chemical treatments that will keep your swimming pool perfectly chemically balanced. Our weekly service will keep your pool ready for you to swim in at a moments notice.

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Chlorine Service
  • Salt Water Pool Service
  • Chemical Balance
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Brush & Scrub
  • Debris & Leaves Removed
  • Baskets Emptied
  • Equipment Assessed For Repairs

Reliable Pool Cleaning & Friendly Technicians

Weekly ServiceWouldn’t you rather be spending your Saturday lounging by your pool instead of cleaning it? Our weekly pool cleaning service will take care of it for you and we actually show up on our scheduled day each week.

We will make sure that your swimming pool is cleaned every week, so it’s always ready when you are. Impromptu barbecue or birthday party? The pool will be ready whenever you want to swim.

Salt Water Pool Service

If you have a salt water pool that requires different chemicals and maintenance than standard chlorine pools, VIP Pool Service & Repair in Las Vegas and Henderson has you covered. Our weekly pool service is also available for salt water pools. We can keep any type of pool running like a dream.

Get A Free Quote For Weekly Pool Service

As the premier pool cleaners in Las Vegas, VIP Pool Service & Repair makes maintenance easy with our weekly pool service. Whether you need pool cleaning, chemicals adjusted, or salt water pool service, we are the best choice for all of your Henderson and Las Vegas swimming pool needs. Give us a call to request a free estimate. We will come out and inspect your pool and equipment to give an accurate quote for your weekly service. We also offer other options if you need quarterly, one-time, start-up, end of season, or more frequent service.